COVID19 HEALTH CRISIS Important info

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  • Clams (Amandes / Palourdes / Razors / Surf)
  • Cockles (Live / Cooked)
  • Crab (Live / Cooked / Dressed / Claws)
  • Lobsters (Live / Cooked)
  • Mussels (Wild / Roped)
  • Oysters (Native / Rock)
  • Whelks (Live / Cooked)
  • Winkles (Live / Cooked)

Please note that the Day Boat and the Sustainable sections are quoted fresh everyday from what's been landed to the auctions around the country and that the other prices tend to be a little more static. For a most up to date stock list please contact us directly.

Our product range - One of the widest in the UK

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